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I just wanted to inform management or the appropriate person of my experience with your company today. My husband took our trash cans to the road last night. Upon leaving my driveway this morning, I observed a HUGE amount of garbage had been scattered everywhere by a raccoon overnight. There was no time for me to stop to clean it up, as I had to take my daughter to an important appointment. So, I begrudgingly resigned myself to knowing that I would have a major mess to clean up when I go back home. When I pulled into the driveway late morning I was elated and shocked! Every bit of garbage was picked up and taken away!! Unbelievable that whoever did my route did all of that! I appreciate it so much and am still in disbelief. Incredible service today and went above and beyond what I expected.


Elaine C.
Howell, MI

Good Morning. I would really like to give a shout out to our route driver...our pick up days are Tuesday...I never put our cart out on Monday because the wind likes to blow it over...and I am horrible at remembering to take it out Tuesday morning...our route driver went above and beyond yesterday..seeing that I had once again forgot to take it out and needed to be daughter said he walked up and grabbed the cart for me! I just really wanted to thank him for watching out for us...makes us feel great knowing that!

Thank you,

Zoanna F.

This is a first for me, usually an email to our trash service isn't a pleasant one, but this one is.

A few months back we changed service from Duncan, for several reasons. We are very satisfied with your service. Not only is our trash picked up on the day it's supposed to be, but your driver neatly places our trash can back and even turns the handles toward the house. Which says to me he cares about the work he does. Thanks for the great service.

Jason and Leah S.

Dear Alchin's,

I just wanted to let you know that I received your letter for an increase in our billing cycle. I'm so glad that you sent the letter so that I could tell you what an awesome crew you employ! The guys that pick up my garbage, I can always calculate the exact time they will arrive whether large amounts of snow, or sleet, or rain (they are better than the postal office). These guys always put my trash can right back at the curb, I have absolutely no complaints for a raise and would like to acknowledge what a class A job your company does.


Jill R.

To Whom It May Concern:

My Name is Adrea E.I am writing this letter to express how much I appreciate your employee's service. I can tell he takes his job seriously and cares about others.

I was very impressed when... I was running late, an employee of yours did something unexpected. I was halfway down my driveway when I noticed the garbage truck was approaching my house. Expecting it to pass... the truck stopped, your employee jumped out and he ran up the drive to meet me. I thanked him several times before he was gone. I had another experience this past winter... I was again halfway down my driveway... the kind man backed his truck into our driveway to collect the trash.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service and generosity. In today's society customer service isn't always a priority. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Adrea E.
Howell, MI

To Whom It May Concern:

These days it seems that praise is few and far between for those who work their a$$es off and do a great job. Screw up once and the customer makes sure everybody, including other customers, know about it. I know I run a business too.

I was running late getting home from work last Thursday... So I'm approaching my driveway and the big Alchin truck has my driveway blocked while they are loading my neighbor's garbage. I have just enough room to get in my driveway and I hit my brakes, looked back and stopped my truck. I was going to see if maybe they could wait just long enough... nah, these guys are pretty quick... I roll 10 more feet and they're still there... I opened my door and asked if they could just give me a minute to get my garbage to the road.

I have had both of my hips replaced... The man that loads the truck must have noticed me struggling with both cans, he came up the driveway and grabbed the wheel-less can and took it back to the truck while I wheeled the other the rest of the way.

Now, to the whole point of my little note; you just don't see that kind of customer care anymore. That was the little extra measure taken by your employees that really struck me. What a nice bunch of folks you have working for you. I discussed this with the wife and we both agree on one thing. Those guys didn't have to wait, nor did they have to help me drag those cans. But they did and we really appreciate that help. Please let their boss and coworkers know how much we appreciate their help and kindness.


Rick and Debbie C.
Fowlerville, MI

Dear Alchin's Disposal:

We switched to your service over one year ago and have to tell you what a great job you have done. NOT ONCE in over a year did you miss a pick-up. This is a big change for us. We realize mistakes are made and do not demand perfection, however, perfection is what we have received. Your service is far "superior" to our previous provider. It is a relief to not have to wonder if our weekly pick-up will be made.

Your reliability is very much appreciated.


Mike & Debi V.
Pinckney, MI

Alchin's Disposal-Steve, Larry, Judy & Kelly. Your thoughtfulness means so much-more than words can ever say. Just wanted to thank you for putting the carts back on the curb, its real nice. Glad you are now our garbage pick up.

Thanks again,

Lillian R.

Dear Alchin's

Thanks for keeping the costs so reasonable. Your company has been the only monthly bill that remained reasonable to my Social Security Budget.

Thanks again.

Diane V.

Dear Staff,

Just wanted to add my testimonial about your company. In this day and age of companies raising rates like crazy, you have actually lowered yours. I can't tell you how much that means to us. This shows that you're interested in people, not just profit. Thank you for giving us all a well-needed break. You have the most excellent service and sales staff around. I wish other comnpanies would follow your example. We will all remember what you did for us during these hard financial times.


Gloria M.

Thank you for the great service! You're the best diposal company!

Stephen & Nancy K.

Thank you for your good service.

Wes P.

I've been meaning to tell you folks a while now that your office staff and men on the route are really great!

Barbara and Greg D.

We think your company does a great job-both pick up and office workers.

Larry & Betty C.

I just want to compliment your trash pick up employees. They are always friendly, always put my can back nicely, have even brought my can all the way up the drive-way in bad weather, reach in my can to empty everything completely. Nice job and you are appreciated.

Thanks, Kristin & Mike M.

Didn't realize you had a website or I'd have written you long ago! We've been Alchin's customers for a long time. We'd like to say that a real standout for your business is Derek, the man that picks up at our house. Always smiling, always friendly, Derek does a great job and then some. He's quite the asset to your company!!

Mr. and Mrs. Bob W.

You guys are the best. I forgot to put my container right next to the street and your guys actually walked 20 feet and did it for us the day after Thanksgiving no less. I bet the day after a holiday is like being punished for the disposal guys trying to reel in the slack from the day off. How nice you have instilled the importance of customer service to your staff and they have taken it to heart. Waste Management would have taken that opportunity to "floor it" past our drive. Your service has been top notch. In a world where people are on the lookout for something to complain about. I feel it is important to catch people doing something right. And you folks are doing something right! Take a bow.

Fred M.

Alchin's, thank you for all the amazing support you have shown to our family during this most difficult time in our lives! you have been "there for us" from the very beginning and it means more to us than one could imagine! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Love, The Near Family

FYI the men that pick up at our home are very polite and nice, always giving a wave & hello.

Thanks, Marsha M.

Thank you for the beautiful wreath you made for the Family Impact Center dinner. The wreaths were a big hit.

Very sincerley, Cathy V.

It's always a pleasure dealing with you and I mean that very sincerely.

Thanks, Greg D.